8 Essential Qualities


Dear fellow parishioners

The 8 Essential Qualities

A group of parishioners under the guidance of our Rector Richard Livingstone,  (now retired), has been carrying out a review of our progress with the 8 qualities over the last two years. Like a curate’s egg, apparently we are good in parts!

Here is a summary of the 8 qualities. (Even if you are not interested from a religious point of view, you might find it interesting for other walks of life).

1.       Empowering leadership. Do we encourage new leaders to rise up in our midst and do useful things for the church and community?

2.       Gift oriented ministry. How often do we get together as a group to try and help a good cause, either by lending a hand or financially?

3.       Passionate spirituality. To what extent do we as Christians get a taste of heaven when we meet up?

4.        Inspiring Worship. When we go to church, or have services elsewhere, is the experience so uplifting that we want to invite our friends?

5.       Holistic small groups. Do we meet up in small groups to explore more specialist aspects of religion such as bible-reading, or supporting the sick etc. ? They are holistic because they cover everything.

6.       Need oriented outreach. Do we meet the practical needs of the community for health support, transport and other practical aspects, and do we look for new recruits by helping others to come to church. (This is a tricky one as it is v. similar to Gift oriented ministry, but the difference is: it is personal: helping your neighbour).

7.        Loving Relationships. This is about having a good, cheerful time together and welcoming all comers, young and old and from all ethnic backgrounds.

8.       Functional structure.  Are we well organised for the administrative and building maintenance part of the job of being a Christian?.


Maybe other parishes would describe the 8 qualities slightly differently, which makes measurement and comparison of parish with parish quite difficult.