Praise comes all the time in the Psalms

Praise needs substance – why am I praising God?

Ps.98 typical – listing why we should praise God

Ps. 150 most famous Psalm of Praise


 So many speak of unquestioning trust in God

Ps. 121 lovely example. 6 times the Hebrew word for keep.

Ps 23 the most famous of all – a Psalm of personal faith

 and total confidence in “My Shepherd”.


Ps 139 very good example.  Psalmist aware of the searching eyes of God, nothing hidden.  God knows all about him, words, ideas, thoughts.

 Knew him before he was born – something to give great confidence.


We may not find “love” much in the Old Testament but often in the Psalms.

The Psalmist deeply aware of his sins, weakness, failings.   He cries for mercy.  There is a strong conviction he is heard, forgiven and renewed – leads to praise.

 THANKSGIVING Ps. 65 Ps. 111, 136

A frequent theme – thanking God for whole range of things. Notably the world of nature and harvest – no requests.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             LAMENTATION PS 88

Here is someone in deep trouble and inner pains pouring it all out to God.  He feels God has brought him to all this.  He cries to God to hear him, with no answer. He sees no way out except God is somehow with him.  See Ps 89:1

 The Psalms are so real.  We see the Psalmist warts and all. 

They have a totally open relationship with God – even shout at Him

They are clearly aware they are in God's Hands”

“CHESED” = loving kindness and mercy – comes all the time.