Snitterfield Bells restoration

 The Bells


The bell tower at St James the Great, Snitterfield, contains a grand ring of six bells, which hang level with the louvre windows.

 The bells were last fully rehung and restored in 1887.

A new oak and cast bellframe was installed and all new bell fittings put in place.

In 1947, a partial rehang and overhaul was carried out.



What work is proposed?



· The bells to be removed, retuned and rehung on mainly new fittings;

· They will be equipped with new, modern cast iron headstocks;

· The runner boards and sliders to be renewed;

· The clock hammer to be overhauled and refaced;

· The bell hammers to be replaced with a safer ‘trigger action’ type lever, reducing the chance of the bell being damaged by the hammer (optional);

· The current bell 3 to be replaced;

· The bellframe to be cleaned down, treated with a Creoseal solution and the tie bars tightened and repainted.

· A rope guide frame to be installed in the ringing chamber.


After rehanging, the bells will continue to serve the

church and the village for many years to come


How will it be done?


· Temporary lifting gear to be installed and each bell carefully lifted from its mountings and lowered to the ground floor via a spider crane;

· All bells to be transported to the workshops of John Taylor & Co in Loughborough where the headstocks will be removed and the bells cleaned and graphite coated;

· New resin pads to be cast on the heads of the bells to provide a stable surface on which to mount the new headstocks;

· The bells to be retuned and provided with double row, self-aligning ball bearings with bearing seals—this will make it easier for the existing bellringers and make it easier for learners;

· The bellframe to be cleaned down, tightened and treated with Creoseal wood preservative;

· The bells, with their new and restored fittings to be returned to the church and hoisted and hung in the bellframe—any necessary adjustments made;

· Passageway up to the tower to be made good;

· A skeletal steel framed rope guide to be installed in the ringing chamber;

· A full service to be carried out after twelve months.